BSci (Hons), Masters (Prof Psych)


Natalie holds a Masters degree in Professional Psychology, is a registered provisional psychologist with AHPRA, and will be completing her 6th year internship at Brain Matters.

Natalie has experience working within a school setting conducting autism assessments, cognitive assessments, counselling primary-school aged children and running an emotion-regulation group for children. Natalie is particularly interested in neurodevelopmental disorders, neurological disorders, brain injury and the use of brain stimulation and brain-training techniques in treatment. Additionally, Natalie has recently conducted research into the use of a technique called neurofeedback as a brain-training treatment for ADHD.

Natalie is passionate about working with clients of all ages, tailoring interventions to the individual to improve their wellbeing and help them reach their goals. Natalie’s approach focuses on ensuring clients feel comfortable, supported and respected, while working collaboratively with them to facilitate their desired outcomes. Therapeutically, Natalie has experience in cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT) and has an interest in acceptance commitment therapy (ACT).